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The architectural panel


RESOPLAN® is a solid, self-supporting, impact and fractureproof RESOPAL® sheet with a light fast and weatherproof finished surface for use externally. It is free of corrosion and safe against frost, hail and rotting. It secures and maintains not only the value of the building, but it is extremely long lived itself and keeps its value. Soap or detergents are sufficient for cleaning the surface, graffiti can be removed with the special cleaner MBE Antigrafiti Spray (MBE GmbH, Menden).


RESOPLAN® is the large-format RESOPAL® sheet for facades, balconies and other external paneling from the residential house to the large industrial object. RESOPLAN® allows widely differing joint formations, pillar surrounds, plinth facings, etc. Formed elements are also possible. RESOPLAN® can be processed simply like a wooden material and is just as easy to install. It can be nailed, riveted, screwed, doweled or glued, anchored visibly or concealed on wooden or metallic substructures and suspended in front of a wall as back-ventilated facade. RESOPLAN® is environmentally compatible.


Product data
• 3 economic standard formats: 3650 or 3050 x 1320 mm and 2180 x 1020 mm
• 4 standard thicknesses 6, 8, 10 and 12 mm and 3 mm roughened on the reverse for composite
• Black panel core, both sides with the same decor, for use as balcony panel, all plain decors also with white reverse Revera (P00105 Pearl White)
• Hard-wearing surface 60
• Building material class B1 (RESOPLAN® F) and B2 to DIN 4102-1
• Euro class DIN EN 13501-1: B, s2-d0
                                               D, s2-d0