Company - Sustainability


Resopal develops solutions and concepts for modern interior design in close collaboration with its customers. Ever since the turn of the millennium, customer orientation has been firmly anchored as an integral part of the company's social and ecologically responsible business strategy. Safety, energy and environmental policy, social responsibility and cost-efficiency are closely linked. With a view to future generations, all the company's activities are in harmony with our ecological, economic and social responsibility.

Safety, energy and environment policy

Resopal's mission is to create living areas in which people are able to feel good both now and in the future. Among other things, this means seeing the company and its products as a small element in a larger environment. That is the idea underlying our concept of responsible protection of the environment. In the long term, it ensures that company resources are used economically and allows all products to participate in creating a future worth living.

Attention focuses in particular on the health and safety of our employees and all other people who come into contact with our Resopal products. Optimization of the processes means that Resopal remains ecologically acceptable and promotes people's well being, both during its manufacture, processing and use, as well as when it is subsequently recycled and disposed of.

The original Resopal material has been an eco-friendly material ever since it was invented in 1930. It consists of 65% paper and 35% water-based resins. The core paper is recycled and FSC®- and/or PEFC®-certified. Resopal laminate effortlessly copes with the most demanding requirements and is extremely durable, its long useful life ensuring that the wood has ample time to regrow before the product's useful life ends. It is compatible with foods, hygienic and easily cleaned with minimum use of cleaning agents. Resopal can be thermally recycled at the end of its long useful life, thus helping to recover energy.

The optimization of energy efficiency, making responsible use of both natural and human resources and ensuring economical use of resources by all our factories remains a constant corporate objective.

Social responsibility

Our company owes its success to a team of over 600 employees. Their jobs must be assured and new jobs generated on the basis of our growing success. Leadership based on partnership, a progressive social system and appropriate qualifying programmes make for an encouraging environment.

Cost-efficiency and quality policy

Resopal's corporate objective is to create benefits for the customer based on a social and ecologically responsible business strategy. Customer requirements are systematically identified in order to develop measures improving customer satisfaction.

Specific goals are set in all areas, including quality, the environment and safety - goals in keeping with the demands of our market partners, employees and stakeholders. Key indicators are defined to assess the set goals and the performance achieved by Resopal.

The process of continuous improvement (CIP) helps to ensure that quality standards are maintained in the long term. Among other things, this includes a zero-defect strategy eliminating rejects and reducing the number of complaints. All processes are transparent and clearly defined; continuous measurement and evaluation show the extent to which goals have been achieved and serve as the basis for further potential improvements. Attention focuses on innovations and boosting efficiency. Quality assures our customers' success and the company's economic and financial stability, thus safeguarding jobs.