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RESOPAL Antibacterial

RESOPAL Antibacterial is an antibacterial laminate. The active agents of HIPERCARE® are dissolved in the melamine resin used to saturate the decorative RESOPAL layer and release their effectiveness in any direct contact with the surface. In this way RESOPAL Antibacterial has been proven to prevent the establishment and growth of microorganisms. As integral components of the surface, they are automatically active for the entire period of use, even under high permanent exposure. These active agents are free of chloro-organic substances and do not have any toxic side effects.

RESOPAL Antibacterial is suitable for use with foodstuffs and safe to use through to the point of disposal. It is clean, hygienic and safe. As a result of the optimized formulation, the components increase each other’s synergistic effectiveness. The surface is permanently effective even against bacteria strains with antibiotic resistance such as the dreaded MRSA.