Through-Color Core


  • impact-resistant
  • easy to clean
  • wear-resistant
  • through-colour core white
  • scratch-resistant
  • light resistant

Unique options - laminate with coloured core

Our RESOPAL HPL & Compact Colour products and RESOPAL Pure White offer you a broad range of coloured core laminates for your design concepts. 

Unity: laminate with coloured core and perfect harmony

The Unity-Designs for our RESOPAL HPL & Compact Colour products stand out with perfect harmony between through-coloured, coloured core, decor and texture. For your design concept, choose from 26 different combinations and use Unity to create spaces with perfect harmony.    

A new diversity for your design concepts

  • • 26 perfectly tuned and varied combinations of core, decor and texture
  • • Four core colours: white, black, grey, beige
  • • Four surfaces: 60, TP, WH and RM
  • • 23 different decors
  • • All combinations of HPL and Compact available in size 3050*1320 mm  
  • • Combinations with textures 60 and TP also in size 3650*1320 mm  
  • • Suitable for vertical and horizontal applications

Whether using contrasting or homogeneous designs: Our Unity combinations open up many new possibilities for your concepts. Choose between artfully nuanced, soft-matte designs and natural combinations of wood and stone optics.


RESOPAL® Pure White

A seamless finish is created by the consistently white RESOPAL® Pure White. Adjoining edges and joints are virtually invisible – even when the edge is machined – due to the white core, thus creating uniform elements that are pure white.


Due to production reasons, there are colour deviations to the standard HPL with these decors.