• anti-fingerprint
  • easy to clean

RESOPAL® Traceless

In the kitchen, on furniture, bar counters and walls: RESOPAL® Traceless radiates extreme aesthetic appeal with its silky soft, warm structure. It almost appears as if you could dive into the rich deep colour.

The sensual qualities of this design create a dramatic and luxurious atmosphere, enriching any internal space.

As well as being classy and timeless, RESOPAL® Traceless is extremely simple to take care of. It can be easily cleaned to remove dirt and grease marks, all the while not showing a single finger smudge.

Simply traceless.

Experience the special feel for yourself, touch the surface and feel the difference.

RESOPAL® Traceless exerts its magic attraction.

Our Traceless collection contains 21 decors in finishes TL and TS. Also you can order all decors of our RESOPAL® Collection at a minimum order quantity of 4 sheets per decor.