Bonded Boards


  • steam
  • scratch-resistant
  • impact-resistant
  • light resistant
  • wear-resistant
  • resistance to staining
  • heat-resistant

RESOPAL® Bonded Boards

RESOPAL® enhances substrate materials. Classical substrates are wooden materials with conventional, waterproof or flame retardant qualities such as chipboards, MDF and HDF boards, plywood or veneer boards, Multiplex, etc.
In addition there are mineral substrates (class A2 according to DIN 4102) such as gypsum fibre and calcium silicate boards, foam plastic boards made of polyurethane or waterproof glass fibre reinforced composite core boards.
RESOPAL® and WILSONART® Surfaces can be applied to all these substrate materials and are bonded together by using adhesives. This in turn creates simple to process elements which can be made up to any requirements e.g. un-edged, edged or seamlessly postformed. Here the postforming technique offers an unlimited number of variations of edge forms and prefabricated elements.