Shower Elements


  • quick, easy and clean processing
  • large-scale
  • for wet rooms

RESOPAL SpaStyling® Shower Element

RESOPAL SpaStyling® SHOWER ELEMENTS are available with the same design theme as adjoining wall and/or floor for perfect integration into the room concept. These one-piece elements are without joins, making them hygienic and easy to clean.
An integrated gradient lets the water drain off rapidly. RESOPAL SpaStyling® SHOWER ELEMENTS consist of RESOPAL® HPL in flooring-quality and a waterproof substrate. Sealing tape all around makes an impermeable seal with the walls and floor. The elements are recessed flush with the floor, thus creating perfect conditions for designing barrier-free bathrooms. They can just as easily be installed off the floor. RESOPAL SpaStyling® SHOWER ELEMENTS are available in various commercially standard formats up to a maximum size of 2950 mm x 1250 mm with central or off centre drain or with drain channel. Also with a slip resistance of up to R 10-B if required.