• quick, easy and clean processing
  • large-scale
  • for wet rooms



Integrated room concept

RESOPAL SpaStyling® is a practical system created by us to meet high end requirements, providing scope for design freedom as well as planning integrated room concepts. The ultra-light RESOPAL SpaStyling® BOARDS have a large surface area, so there are minimal joins on the wall and the finished result is both attractive and hygienic.

Rugged original RESOPAL® surface

The durable RESOPAL® HPL surface makes RESOPAL SpaStyling® scratch, scuff and abrasion resistant, resistant to stains, very light, non-porous and thus totally hygienic and easy to clean.

Clean and easy fitting – minimizes non-availability

RESOPAL SpaStyling® can be processed like a conventional timber-derived material. The RESOPAL SpaStyling® BOARD can be affixed directly to the wall sub-surface in both new buildings and renovation properties. It’s quick, easy and clean installation benefits means there is little mess and disruption in the rooms concerned.