Flush Installation of sink


  • antibacterial
  • food safe
  • flush installation
  • easy to clean
  • heat-resistant
  • hygienic
  • scratch-resistant


Perfect installation efficiency – this is what our clever, patented RESOPLEX® technology has to offer. With ist help you can install sinks and glass-ceramic cooking plates quickly and simply, directly on-site, using a single standard router.

RESOPLEX® consists of 35 mm thick lightweight chipboard, a 2.4 mm thick RESOPAL®+HIPERCARE® covering, a 0.7 mm thick backing (so that the total thickness remains the same throughout). The construction minimises working steps and risks, besides offering significant savings on time and costs. Kitchen users profit in all respects from the aesthetics; the simple maintenance and the hygiene of the sink and cooking plate surfaces, flush-installed into the worktop; additionally from the proven hygienic action of the RESOPAL®+HIPERCARE® surface.