Solid Surface


  • hygienic
  • fixable
  • non porous

WILSONART® Solid Surface has many sensual dimensions. This makes it so valuable and demanding. Technically WILSONART® Solid Surface is a solid, fully coloured, acrylic bonded material with mineral filler (Gibraltar Glass: polyester bonded material. Please pay attention to special processing guidelines.). WILSONART® Solid Surface is a solid, non-porous material with outstanding properties in both usage and fabrication. It is resistant to normal household chemicals and resists stains and bacteria growth making it an easy to care for, hygienic surface, suitable for foodstuffs. 
As a thermoplastic material WILSONART® Solid Surface can be formed three dimensionally under heat guidelines. Sheet material is processed similar to wood-based materials. Using colour matched acrylic adhesives joints are solid and watertight. The surface can be finished to different levels – from matt to high gloss polish. Surface scratches and scuffs can be removed without trace. Damages can be renewed quite simply.

WILSONART® Solid Surface is available in two material thicknesses: Gibraltar as a solid 12.5 mm panel in size 3660 mm x 760 mm and SSV (Solid Surfacing Veneer) as a 3 mm surface in several sizes suitable for cutting. Both thicknesses have a smooth, matt top surface and a sanded back side suitable for gluing. SSV is also available pre-finished on a substrate. The mineral filler is a natural product. Light colour differences are signs of nature.