• heat-resistant
  • robust
  • hygienic
  • scratch-resistant
  • food safe
  • easy to clean


The RESOPAL® worktop owes its success to the unique combination of performance features and benefits as well as a wide array of aesthetic design possibilities.
RESOPAL® worktops are scratch, heat and water resistant, can be easily cleaned, resistant to common household chemicals and are non-porous thus resulting in a surface that is very hygienic and suitable for the kitchen environment.

RESOPAL® worktops have not only established the concept of the modern built-in kitchen, but have remained the innovator and trendsetter for kitchen design.

The worktop composition is comprised of a 0.7mm RESOPAL® laminate sheet bonded and formed over the front edge of 38mm chipboard core, lined with a water resistant barrier on the reverse and finally sealed with a water repellent adhesive.

As wood based components they are easy and efficient to process and installed with standard woodworking tooling.