• steam
  • scratch-resistant
  • impact-resistant
  • light resistant
  • wear-resistant
  • resistance to staining
  • heat-resistant

ORIGINAL RESOPAL® is a decorative High Pressure Laminate (HPL acc. EN 438) and consists of several paper layers, core and decorative paper, which after impregnation with resin are pressed under heat and high pressure between form-giving steel plates to create a homogeneous sheet. The construction of the sheet can be varied practically without limit and adapted to the relevant requirements.


The decorative, alpha cellulose paper is normally a deep-dyed or printed FSC®-certified paper that can be given any colour and any motif. There are virtually no bounds to freedom of design when using Motiv in RESOPAL®. Your ready-to print data is printed on special paper and pressed in RESOPAL®. The overlay ensures that the motif is durably protected.


Textures and gloss grades can be pressed onto the surface which gives the respective decor an appropriate look and feel or even an entirely new texture of its own. The reverse is sanded for adhesion to all sorts of substrates.


The thickness of the sheet is varied by the core. The standard thickness for coating substrates is 0.8 mm. Sheets with thickness of up to several centimetres can be produced, also with decor on both sides.


RESOPAL® is a duroplastic product that does not change further in its material character. Once pressed the sheets can indeed still be bent, but no longer moulded (standard). For industrial processing, the resin can be modified so that the sheet can be reshaped after partial heating with a radius of up to 3 mm (postforming). 


RESOPAL® is among other things resistant to impact, scratching and abrasion, it is resistant to heat and light, resistant to stains, easy to clean and to disinfect, resistant to water, steam, solvents and largely to chemicals. RESOPAL® can be finished as flame retardant; it insulates electrically and functions as barrier against diffusion from the substrate.


RESOPAL® can be processed as easily as wood. On substrates a backing laminate on the reverse prevents the structure distorting with time.

Environmental compatibility

RESOPAL is environment-friendly during production, use and in final disposal. Its longevity is active environmental protection.