We strive to maintain the highest of standards in quality, sustainability, and safety. Our certificates and test reports are your assurance that our solutions will meet the demands of your projects through continuous improvement and innovation.


The environmental impact of our products should be transparent. That is why we have engaged the services of an independent institute to analyze the complete life cycle of our products. As a result, you will receive an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for selected products, which assesses the ecological impact of our products from raw material extraction to the end of their life. This document provides you with a solid basis for planning and evaluating your projects holistically.


Health aspects and Environmental Product Declarations (EPD)

green arow  RESOPAL HPL - EPD

green arow  RESOPAL Compact - EPD

green arow  RESOPAL MFB - EPD


Scarcity of raw materials, rising prices, and meeting high demands to protect our climate are increasingly posing a challenge for the economy. Politicians, industry, and environmental associations are uniting in defining a new understanding of resource protection and feasible, sustainable raw material turnaround.

Together with INTERSEROH we have already made great advances, and the Fraunhofer Institute UMSICHT provides a yearly confirmation of our efforts through the “Resources SAVED by Recycling” study.

PEFC- (PEFC/04-31-1353) and FSC®- (FSC® C104603) certifications are available on request for all our products (FSC® Controlled Wood certified products are only available to FSC® Controlled Wood certified customers; all products are contingent on the certification of our suppliers and as long as stock lasts). This guarantees that the wood and raw materials used to produce our surfaces comes from sustainable and responsibly managed forests.

We also comply with the European Union Timber Regulation (EUTR) for responsible wood sourcing and the RoHS directive for the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances. This ensures that our products minimize impact on the environment and have no negative effects on the health of our employees, business partners, and customers.


green arow  PEFC-Certificate

green arow  FSC®-Certificate

green arow  Declaration European Timber Regulation (EUTR)

green arow  Declarations of conformity

green arow  RESOPAL declaration - REACH regulation

green arow  Customer information on per- and polyfluoroakyl substances (PFAS)

green arow  RESOPAL HPL - Self-declared environmental claims ISO 14021



Indoor air quality affects our health and well-being. RESOPAL’s laminate panels are produced with low VOC*,** emissions to minimize the impact on indoor air quality.

RESOPAL worktops and kitchen splash backs are tested for VOC* emissions and listed by the Sentinel Haus Institute for healthy living at home.

RESOPAL Bonded Boards and RESOPAL Worktops have been tested according to DE-UZ 76 (Blauer Engel) and fulfill the requirements of low-emission panel-shaped materials for interior construction.


* Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)
** E1 formaldehyde certification (equivalent to the E05 commercial designation), A+/A VOC emission levels


green arow  VOC Emission test reports (eurofins)

green arow  Sentinel Haus Institute listing (worktop + splashback)

green arow  RESOPAL statement - E1 formaldehyde - wooden composite 

  Audit certificates - Emission levels Blue Angel (Blauer Engel) DE-UZ 76


RESOPAL supports you in complying with and attaining the highest level of hygiene standards in commercial and residential buildings. Our HPL, Bonded Boards, and SpaStyling Boards are antibacterial thanks to the silver-phosphate glass that has been incorporated directly into the material. This is an additional feature to our already hygienic and food-safe surfaces, which are particularly requested in the healthcare and food industries.


Additionally, RESOPAL HPL, RESOPAL Compact , RESOPAL SpaStyling and RESOPAL Traceless Premium panels are not only meet VOC and formaldehyde emissions  requirements, but also contribute to allergy-friendly indoor air quality. Any physical contact with the panels and touching the panel surfaces is safe for allergy sufferers. These RESOPAL products are certified allergy-friendly by ECARF.  


  Expert’s opinion antibacterial efficacy (ISEGA)

  Certificate of compliance (ISEGA)

  Sentinel Haus Institute listing (worktop + splashback)


RESOPAL is ISO 9001-, ISO 14001- and ISO 50001-certified. Continuous improvement and adherence to industry standards is a key component built into our quality, energy, and environmental management programs.

Specific goals are set in all areas, including quality, the environment and safety – goals in keeping with the demands of our market partners, employees and stakeholders. Key indicators are defined to assess the goals set and the performance achieved by RESOPAL.

The process of continuous improvement (CIP) helps to ensure that quality standards are maintained in the long term. Among other things, this includes a zero-defect strategy eliminating rejects and reducing the number of complaints. All processes are transparent and clearly defined; continuous measurement and evaluation show the extent to which goals have been achieved and serve as the basis for further potential improvements. Attention focuses on innovations and boosting efficiency. Quality assures our customers’ success and the company’s economic and financial stability, thus safeguarding jobs.


green arow  ISO 9001 Certification (quality management system)

green arow  ISO 14001 Certification (environmental management system)

green arow  ISO 50001 Certification (energy management system)

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